Port & Logistics
Port and Logistics

Shanying International has its own port, dock and land transport, to achieve an all-round production-port coordination, production-vehicle coordination, reduce the cost of logistics paper, packaging enterprises.

Tianshun Port

Ma'anshan Tianshun Port Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation on April 7, 2009. The company is located in Ma'anshan Luji Port District, which is about 360 kilometers from Wusong Port. The water depth of the wharf front is 10 meters all year round. The harbor traffic is convenient. The length of the dock platform is 221 meters, 2 berths, and the annual throughput capacity of the dock container is 300,000 TEU.
The Company is established by four shareholders, Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd., China Foreign Transportation Co., Ltd., Ma'anshan Port (Group) Co., Ltd. and Anhui Pubang Asset Management Co., Ltd. The registered capital is 150 million yuan, of which Shanying International accounted for 72.23%.
Ma'anShan Tianshun Port Co., Ltd. has all kinds of loading and unloading equipment suitable for port container operation. The main equipment includes: 1 bank bridge, 2 door machines, 7 gantry cranes, 2 front cranes, 1 stacking machine and 10 trailers.
The wharf covers an area of 271 acre , including 121 acre in Area A and 150 acre in Area B, and the accumulate of the pile field covers nearly 150,000 square meters.
Ma'anshan Tianshun Port Co., Ltd. completed 186,000 TEU in 2015, 250,000 TEU in 2016 and 265,000 TEU in 2017. Imported waste paper container business accounts for more than 90%.
The Company has opened 22 fixed foreign trade flights every week to Shanghai Waigaoqiao and Yangshan, and 10 domestic trade flights every week to Nanjing, Taicang, Shanghai and the middle and upper reaches.
Tianshun Port mainly serves Shanying International, to ensure the quality of raw materials transportation of Shanying International.
The company provides the import and export handling service platform for local customers in the south of the Yangtze river by using the existing coast line storage yard resources and the container terminal information management system, which complementary advantages with the Zhengpu port, differentiated development, and jointly promote the development of the container transport business in Ma'anshan.