Environmental Protection
Corporate Honor

To lead the circular economy and inherit the civilization of paper industry

Adhering to the concept of "Ecological Shanying, Centennial Foundation,", energy saving and emission reduction, protects the ecological environment, promotes clean production, develops low-carbon economy, and realizes harmonious development between enterprises and nature.

In the production process, Shanying International strictly complies with the internationally recognized management system requirements, optimizing the quality, energy conservation, clean environmental protection, safe production. In recent years, Shanying International has gained more honors in energy conservation, emission reduction, and the development of new and high technology, and has been recognized by the society.

As one of the influential enterprises in the industry, the company is committed to promoting green environmental protection, as a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise. We pursue green manufacturing, is to use the least consumption, the lowest emissions, the most safe and friendly environment, to achieve the greatest value, in November 2018, Shanying International was awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information as "National Green Factory".

Waste Water
At present, the three paper-making bases of the Group all adopt the most advanced sewage treatment system in the world. The sewage treatment system adopts anaerobic plus aerobic two-stage biochemical treatment. The removal rate of COD can reach about 98%, and the drainage water quality is far lower than the national specified discharge standard. At the same time, sewage treatment is equipped with automatic programmed logic controller (PLC) system and online monitoring system to monitor sewage discharge, which is conducive to integrated management.

Waste Gas
The self-owned power plants strictly implement the national minimum emission standards for nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. The removal of sulfur dioxide was carried out by limestone - gypsum method. Meanwhile, the liquid - gas ratio was increased, the flow rate of flue gas was reduced, the residence time was raised, and the desulfurization efficiency was improved. In the desulfurization tower, the advanced condensing demister is used to further remove dust and fog. The removal of nitrogen oxides adopts SNCR system and increases ozone denitration. When the boiler load is unstable, the load is low or the furnace temperature is below 800 degrees, ozone is added to ensure that the nitrogen oxides are discharged to the standard. Meet the ultra-low emission standards of sulphur dioxide less than 35mg/m3, nitrogen oxides less than 50mg/m3 and dust less than 5mg/m3.

Solid Waste
Shanying International carries out effective management of solid waste in accordance with the principle of "harmless, reduced and recycled". In order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste, all pulp residues produced by papermaking are reused in paper mills for recycling. Sludge produced in the process of sewage treatment is dried and incinerated after pressure filtration with plate-frame diaphragm. The production can save a lot of coal and realize the resource utilization and zero discharge of sludge. Other solid wastes, such as power plant fly ash and boiler slag, are sold to qualified units for building materials.

Odor control
In order to ensure the air quality in the plant area, we collected and treated the odor produced in the whole plant area. All the open pools of the sewage treatment system were covered to collect odor. After removal of inflammable, explosive and corrosive gases by chemical washing and biological deodorization system, the odor was sent to the furnace of the self-provided power plant for incineration, and the odor treatment was truly harmless. In order to solve the problem of drifting water and odor overflow during the treatment of wastewater by cooling tower in summer, the original convective cooling tower was replaced by plate heat exchanger, and the wastewater was completely closed to cool down, which solved the odor problem to a great extent. At the same time, the Austrian extrusion equipment was introduced to solve the problem of the odour of the slagging, and the scrubbing tower was set up for the waste gas of the vacuum system to further prevent the leakage of the odour.

Shanying International as waste paper as raw material for production of wrapping paper, know that energy conservation and environmental protection for long-term value and social significance of the paper industry, has been visionary adhere to the "path to energy conservation and environmental protection", more distinctively put forward the concept of "clean production, energy conservation and emissions reduction", on the basis of complete waste paper papermaking large cycle, we also through the research and development and technical innovation, equipment upgrades, in view of the production process of implementation of the comprehensive recycling all kinds of waste.In terms of water consumption, each of our paper machines is equipped with an advanced white water recovery system to recycle 100% of the white water produced by paper making. At the same time, double membrane technology is used to treat the recycled water, so that the recycled water can replace the clean water and is widely used in production.

In terms of water resource consumption, all of our paper making machines are equipped with advanced white water recycling system, which can recycle 100% of the white water produced by paper making.At the same time, the double-membrane technology is used to treat the reuse water, which can replace the clean water.

In terms of energy consumption, the paper waste water can be used to dry sludge, which can replace part of coal for power generation and heating and reduce coal consumption.At the same time, advanced desulphurization technology is introduced, and biogas generated in sewage treatment process is used for power generation.

Fiber reutilization. At the front end of the sewage treatment plant, 100 mesh nets were set up to recover the fibers lost in the papermaking process and then recycled to the pulp section. At the same time, we found that the fiber content in the sludge of the primary sedimentation tank was also high, so the sludge of the primary sedimentation tank was also recycled to the production line, and the utilization of fiber was over 95%.

Shanying International is committed to clean production, has successively passed ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system and FSC forest environmental protection system certification, Leading the Industrial Civilization of Co-creation, Sharing and Win-Win.