2023 New Year Message from Shanying International
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2023 New Year Message from Shanying International

Published date:2023-01-01

Dear fellow Shanyingers, dear friends,

Even though the world can be cold sometimes, we have always kept a warm heart and spared no efforts in persisting on goals set at the beginning of the year. As time flies in the twinkling of an eye, we come to the end of 2022 in which the Beijing Winter Olympic Games with the motto “Together for a shared future” well demonstrated China’s new image; the 20th CPC National Congress came to a successful conclusion and fueled the whole country to stay united and forge ahead on a new journey; the Shenzhou astronaut crews met in China’s Tiangong space station, a grand event drawing the attention from the entire mankind. We are fortunate to have been born in an era full of rapid changes and confidence and witnessing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Still having mixed feelings about the ups and downs in 2022, we are yet proud of one ray of light that has always been there with us: the starlight accompanying us to fight till dawn for PM startup on schedule, the morning light encouraging us on the way to open up new business and the sunlight shining into our hearts when we won the battle for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement… Such rays have converged into the light of Shanying that illuminates our path ahead.

Saying goodbye to 2022 and welcoming 2023, I would like to extend my best wishes and sincere gratitude to every Shanyinger rising to challenges and every fellow partner moving on shoulder to shoulder with Shanying!

In 2022, we actively engaged in digital transformation to enable industrial development. Through digital technology, we re-engineered the business process, organically linked the data of raw material procurement, paper production and finished product sales, guided paper making & packaging business to achieve lean production, and improved the efficiency of resource utilization.

In 2022, we vigorously promoted organizational reform and personal empowerment. We took customer evaluation as the pivot for quality assessment, and worked together to build talent echelons, establish a number of cross-functional agile organizations, and provide customers with integrated solutions of “product + service”. This process has not only optimized our organizational structure, but also improved the individual competences of every Shanyinger.

In 2022, we anchored the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and pioneered ways to reduce carbon emissions. Our commitment to scientific carbon target far below 2℃ was approved by SBTi, which made us the first paper enterprise in China to make this commitment. We used nearly one year to implement the carbon management system throughout our operations and became one of the first manufacturing enterprises and the first in paper industry across the nation to obtain the certification of carbon management system. We completed the carbon footprint verification and certification of 18 products, and became capable of getting carbon neutral products certified based on customer needs. I firmly believe that Shanying’s investment in “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” will continue to drive the sustainable development of our company and make green the base color of Shanying.

Despite of whatever we’ve achieved before, we’ll step ahead unswervingly just like how we’d kicked off at the very beginning. Looking ahead to 2023, the third year of the new five-year strategy of Shanying, I would like to say that if there is something to do, rather than being confined to difficulties for the time being, Shanying will definitely sail through the waves! We should not rush to define whether we are in the fair or adverse current, but have an insight into the nature of external volatility, respond to uncertainties with the certainty of core capabilities, seize opportunities and create values. We will always adhere to the strategy of digital transformation, lead lean production with customer evaluation, strengthen the construction of talent echelon, build a stable channel of recycled paper procurement and base paper sales, and impel the industry to jointly build an ecological alliance featuring integrated and coordinated development of fiber, papermaking and packaging. This is not only the core competence for our transformation under the new normal of economy, but also the cornerstone on Shanying’s development path.

Thank you for being with us all the way. Many years later, when we look back at the current critical period amidst momentous changes never seen in a century, we will be deeply impressed by the tenacious vitality we are showing right now. The 20th CPC National Congress has drawn the grand blueprint of building a strong manufacturing country. We will stand fast to the pillar industry of paper making and serve the national strategy. I hope all friends caring for us can join hands with Shanying to move ahead on the road of chasing light!

Finally, I wish all my colleagues and friends good health, family happiness and all the best in the New Year!

Mingwu Wu

January 1, 2023