Nice to Have You!
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Nice to Have You!

Published date:2022-01-01

Shanying colleagues and friends:

Time flies like the flow of Huangpu
River, which goes on day and night. The New Year of 2022 has arrived. At this
moment, the bright and colorful lights outside echo with all kinds of feelings
well up in my deep heart. Looking back at 2021, we witnessed the centennial
glory of the Communist Party of China, the rapid development of China’s space
industry and the spirit of endeavoring Olympic athletes. We went through
repeated epidemic outbreaks, inflation, energy shortages and other tests.  Ordinary but great Shanyingers faced all
challenges boldly and uplifted the company to a new stage, engraving
unforgettable memories on our mind: brainstorming during seminars, going all
out for business development, constructing projects in full swing, pulling
together to start production, staying up late to sprint toward the targets… I’d
like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. It’s nice for Shanying to
have you !

We seized every minute in 2021 to reform the paper
industry.  The national “carbon peaking
and carbon neutrality” strategy has boosted our confidence in Shanying’s development.

With new projects in Jilin, Guangdong and Zhejiang
going on vigorously, Shanying is steadily striding towards the targeted total
papermaking capacity of 10 million tons. The implementation of industrial
plastic to paper project in Putian and Zhuhai and food plastic to paper project
in Yibin well responds to the national call of “plastic ban” and reflects Shanying’s
determination to develop green industrial economy. Nordic Paper has acquired
Glassine, a Canadian specialty paper company; recycled pulp projects in the
Netherlands and the UK will be put into operation soon; Phoenix Paper in the
United States has made a breakthrough in operating performance; the
second-level factory project in Vietnam has been started smoothly. Shanying’s
“internationalization” has made another great achievement.

Digital sales, digital procurement, value chain
optimization and other projects have been launched. Under the guidance of
digitalization, we expect to transform the traditional business model, upgrade
the game relationship between buyers and sellers to achieve win-win situation,
and build a new industry ecology that can continuously and stably create value. The
flourishing industrial Internet companies Ininin, Cloudfuse and Cloudlink will become
the super engine to fuel Shanying’s high quality development.

We have started the
organizational change project based on the strategic positioning of “a global
service provider of green packaging integrated solutions that creates long-term
value for customers”. With everyone holding a broad vision, looking things in a
big picture and opening up organizational boundaries, the organizational
transformation of Shanying has shown great vigor and vitality.

We’ve proactively joined the global “Science-Based
Targets Initiative, SBTi”, fulfilled social responsibility and taken the lead in promoting carbon
emission reduction in the industry. Meanwhile, we expand the deployment of
renewable resources recycling business, promote the conversion of industrial
solid wastes into energy, and fully implement the rooftop clean energy
photovoltaic project, making concerted efforts to build an eco-friendly
enterprise with sustainable development value.

Change and development are always in progress. 2022
is a key year for us to deepen reform and transform services. China’s
strict control on the energy consumption of enterprises and people’s high demand
for ecological environment will promote the rapid integration of papermaking and
packaging industry to further enhance industry concentration. New
technologies, new commercial activities and new platforms have accelerated the shaping
of an intelligent, automated and ecological industrial chain. Such
external trends put forward higher requirements and challenges to our
organization and capabilities.

In the new year, we will cope with uncertainties in
external environment with the certainty of high-quality development in our main
business. We will transform “services”, optimize the organization, processes,
systems and rights and responsibilities, ensure that our communication
efficiency, response speed and collaboration ability rise to a new level, and
truly become a “customer-centric” agile service organization. The journey
of transformation is full of thorns and turnovers, but it is something we have
to do and must make it. Therefore, I look forward to all Shanyingers’
engagement in changing ourselves ideologically and culturally, and embracing
change and transformation with an open, integrated and inclusive mind. We
cannot miss any of you on the road of Shanying’s high-quality transformation
and development.

In the endless river of time, we will move forward
with expectations and dreams in 2022. There would be a lot of uncertainties
ahead, but we can be sure about Shanyingers’ original intention to make the
industry better and stronger, and the courage to challenge ourselves! Let’s
lift spirits and continue to struggle for ourselves, our family members and the
whole world to embark on a new journey together!

May the New Year be better than the old! Wish
you a happy New Year, good health and all the best! May our common cause
last forever!


1, 2022